Clear Blue Water Pools Swimming Pool Service and Reapir Company

About Clear Blue Water Pools

Clear Blue Water Pools is a local family owned and operated business where we pride ourselves in building lasting relationships with each one of our clients.

We are local to the Kingwood, Atascocita, Huffman, Porter and Humble areas.  We live here and are active in the community.

You will always know who is coming to your home to take the best possible care of all of your swimming pool needs.   For over 13 years Josh Sandberg had been taking care of swimming pools and hot tubs/spas.  Longevity and customer service is what makes Clear Blue Water Pools strive to provide high-quality pool maintenance at a fair price with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re ever unhappy with our pool maintenance, simply let us know and we will do what’s in our power to make it right!

At Clear Blue Water Pools we promise to bring the best customer service and top-notch pool maintenance to all of our customers. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

Pool perfection, every time!


Great customer service! My pool has never looked better!
Rebecca Champ
Walden of LakeHouston
They have gone above and beyond in caring for my pool! Came out day before our big pool party to make sure everything was perfect!
Kim Scott
The Commons, Hufman
CBW has taken care of both our personal pool and a rental house pool so we never had to worry about that one! They are quick to respond and have come right away when one of our pipes was leaking. I highly recommend if you're looking for an honest and trustworthy pool service.
Daniele Muro
Eagle Springs


Let Clear Blue Water Pools take the worry out of maintaining your swimming pool.  We will come in every week and check your chemicals, skim the pool surface, vacuum, empty pool and pump baskets, clean titles and do a complete equipment check.  With regular maintenance your pool will keep you cool all year long.

We know how frustrating it can be to have your pool or spa not working correctly. Not to worry. Just one call to Clear Blue Water Pools and our team of technicians will jump into action to get your pool or spa back up and running before you know it.

An un-repaired leak obviously wastes water, but it does more than that. Heating and treating new water that has to be added to replace that which has been lost can cost a pool owner hundreds of dollars per year.

Before you buy a home with a pool it is a good idea to have the pool inspected by a pool professional to avoid costly surprises.

We check your swimming pool, spa, hot tub, equipment, heater, water chemistry; and give you our technical opinion verbally or in writing. We provide an estimate for any items that need work done

The simplest way to determine the need for an acid wash is to decide if your pool is not the same color it was when you had it built. 

Lots of things will change the color of your swimming pool pebble such as algae, leaves, calcium buildup, and rust. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your pool finish, an acid wash may be just what your pool needs.

The main purpose of an acid wash is to remove stains, scale, and calcium from the floor and corners of your pool bed. If you are not able to see the walls and floor of your pool, then it may be time for an acid wash.

We clear the cartridge filters and DE filters of debris and chemically treat the filters if needed. This also includes reassembly and lubrication of O-rings.

We recommend the filters be cleaned every 3-6 months depending on filter size and buildup of debris. Due to normal wear and tear, filter cartridges will need to be replaced.