Q: Can a pump for a water feature or outdoor fountain run continuously or does it need to be shut off?

A: The majority of pumps last longer if they are run constantly.  It is the stopping and starting that is tough on the motor.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes Clear Blue Water Pools is insured.  We will provide proof of insurance upon request.  We are required to have limited liability and workers compensation insurance.

Q: Do you provide any type of warranty?

A: We offer a standard equipment warranty on parts and equipment.

Q: Why do I need regular weekly pool service?

A: During warmer weather and higher swimming (just about all year long in Texas) chlorine is reduced quickly.  Regular servicing and maintenance is required to keep algae away.  It is good to remember when a pool looks clean it does not necessarily mean it is clean and fit for swimming.

Q: Why is my pool green?

Your pool may be green from a variety of reasons.  It may be algae growth or metals in the water.  If your pool is green give us a call and we will come out and assess the situation and get it cleared up.

Q: Why is the water level going down in my pool?

Water level depends on water temperature and pool usage.  Significant water loss may indicate a leak in the pool.  Give us a call right away if you notice your water level has dropped significantly.