Leak Detection and Repair

Pool & Spa Leak Detection

Are you suspicious that your pool may have a leak? The most common symptom is observing a larger than normal drop in water level.

Symptoms you may have a leak:

If you are putting more chemicals into your pool more often then usual you might have a leak. 

If you notice your water bill getting higher and higher, your pool might be to blame (but also check your toilets).  If the water level in your pool is constantly low and you are constantly having to add water (making your water bill higher) you might have a leak.

Cracks in pools decks can be a sign of a pool leak do to the water leaking and the ground settling but not always do to water leaking.

When you have water in the yard close to the pool and the sprinklers are off that could be a sign of a water leak in the pool.

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